Our Goal

The goal of Archforms, LTD is to continue to improve and develop MaxBeam and MaxQuake as well as other planned additions to the Archforms software family to make our products the most the most useful and accurate structural design software possible for light frame buildings.

About Us

MaxBeam Design Software has been used to create structural calculations for homes, apartments, condominiums, and small commercial buildings all across the country. Many of these projects are located within a few miles of the San Andreas fault in California, and in high wind coastal areas. The needs and requirements of hundreds of architects, engineers, designers, and plan checkers have shaped and tested the Software.

Our History

Since these programs were first released for distribution in 1995, MaxBeam and MaxQuake have been used as a design tool and for structural analysis by architects, engineers, designers, and building departments.

Microsoft Excel was selected as the engine for the program because of its wide availability, cross platform capacity, CADD paste-in compatibility, fast operation speed and familiar user interface.