MaxBeam, MaxQuake & MaxWall 2023

MaxBeam, MaxQuake & MaxWall 2023

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MaxQuake enables you to quickly determine Wind and Seismic loads for light frame buildings, then accurately calculates and selects shear wall, hold downs, diaphragms, hardware and  collector requirements, and generates permit ready documentation for the 2021 IBC and 2022 CBC and ASCE/SEI 7-16 & WFCM-18 & SDPWS-21.

MaxBeam enables you to quickly documents loads and then size beams, joists, rafters, headers, girders, posts, from a range of wood products or steel shapes, including beam hangers, hardware and footings for light frame buildings, and generates permit ready documentation for 2021 IBC, or 2019 CBC and 2018 NDS.

License:  Archforms Ltd., Purchase is for the 2023 versions are good for projects started in 2023.

New versions are required each year to assure all calculations and material selections will meet the current Code and material ICC  ESR Reports.

Purchase of 2023 and successive version expire January 1st of the following year but existing project files remain viable.  

Always keep .pdf or printed copies of completed project files for future reference.